The Hawaiian Islands are blessed with magnificent beauty, incredible weather and great natural bounty.  The volcanic ash in the soil, plentiful fresh water and sunshine create perfect growing conditions.The sea offers up an intense and staggering array of fabulous seafood from kaleidoscopic reef fish to massive bluefin tuna.  These wonders of nature have attracted people to the islands since they were first discovered by nomadic Polynesians in deep-sea outrigger canoes.After many years of monarchial control over all of the islands, people from other regions discovered Hawaii and they came to farm, trade and call Hawaii their home.

Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, Korean and Portuguese settlers arrived over time and settled in various parts of Hawaii.  With them came their culinary skills and traditions, tastes, and sauces.The Japanese brought Teriyaki, the Chinese Hoisin, the Koreans Kalbi sauce and the Filipinos, adobe sauce.  Hawaii is famous for its vast selection of fruit.  These fruits are what the Hawaiian people have used to sweeten their foods and sauces.  Immigrants began to incorporate the indigenous foods of Hawaii with the traditional flavours that they brought with them.  A new and wonderful birth of Polynesian and Asian tastes were born.The sauces became sweeter, fresher and delectable.  The Original Maui RIBS™ Sauce is the perfect example of the best of these combinations.  The amazing flavour of the Maui Sauce marinades meat, chicken, fish, tofu and vegetables adding a truly outstanding flavour.  After more than twenty years of people tasting Maui Sauce from all over the world we bring this wonderful product to your doorstep.       ALOHA!